Aloha and Welcome to Hawaii

Nicola Heskett, Kansas City, Missouri - Oahu Surf Lessons, Surf Hawaii Surf School"I cannot imagine a better first-time surfing experience than the one provided by Edison at Surf Hawaii. My only regret is that I didn't have the time this trip to enroll in a multi-day surfing camp at Surf Hawaii. Not only does Edison have the best smile in the Hawaiian islands, he helps give even a struggling beginner like myself a huge smile during and after my first lesson. Edison's simple instructions on the shore,followed by encouraging reminders in the water, immediately make even a novice surfer confident she can catch a wave.

~ Nicola Heskett, Kansas City, Missouri

Iowa School for the Deaf Surf in Hawaii - after north shore surf lessons with Surf Hawaii - Surf School“Edison you were so wonderful working with a large group and you welcomed the unique challenges of deafness. I liked the 1-2-3 steps that you showed on the beach too. As for feedback... what can I say?? The day spent with all of you was the top highlight of our entire trip!!! The students could not stop talking about it. We really enjoyed the clear teaching and the patience with the communication issues. The students really liked the personal touch and even gave both of you name signs. Hope to keep in touch!”

~ Julie Delkamiller and the students from Iowa School for the Deaf

“Hi Guys!
Kerrie Law - after north shore surf lessons with Surf Hawaii - Surf SchoolThis is Kerrie, aka the group of Vancouver people who got lost for about half an hour before our lessons, and I just wanted to say a huge thanks for Juliana, who gave us wonderful direction and put up with our millions of phone calls, Edison for driving to come find us at Jameson's and of course to Calvin and Omar, our wonderful instructors.
We'll be sure to call you guys up the next time we're in Hawaii! And tell Omar that I'll give surfing another try and next time I won't get sea sick!
Take care you guys and thanks again!”

~ Regards, Kerrie Law

Hi Edison!
Cristina Winker- after north shore surf lessons with Surf Hawaii - Surf School
“I can't express to you enough what an incredible experience I had in Hawaii (especially Haleiwa!!) and the icing on the cake was my surf lesson with Kailani. He helped me so much! As you know, the most exhausting thing while learing to surf is managing the paddling and Kailani was a life saver! Not only was he so helpful and professional, but would evaluate and give me feedback after every ride and tell me what I was doing wrong to help me improve. I felt so safe as well...I should mention that safety was a #1 priority when looking for a school to take my first surfing lesson and knowing that your instructors are all certified was a prerequisite. My experience was amazing! I actually got up and surfed! What else could I ask for? You helped me conquer a dream ~ you must love your job!

Thank you again for all of hospitality and for teaching me yoga! Not only did I have the most extraordinary experience of my life but I have a friend for life! You'd better come and visit me in Miami!!

I hope to see all of you again soon!”

~ Much Love, Cristina Winker

Hi Edison,
Rick - after north shore surf lessons with Surf Hawaii - Surf School
“Thank you for the posters. This is Rick, we took a lesson from you last Friday. It was me, Alvin, Andy & Jeff. We just wanted to thank you again for everything, we had a great time and will definitely look into your surf camp!!! Until then, hang loose!”

~ Rick, Andy & Alvin Kong

Edison, Jonathon - after north shore surf lessons with Surf Hawaii - Surf School

“I spent a week with you and I think there's the most fun week in my life. Edison, you're so nice and so patient, I discovered the north shore with you, Laniakea, Chun's Reef, Turtle Bay Resort, and others. Beautiful places, wonderful memories!! Today, I paddle so much better and I know why, the best surf teacher of Haleiwa who's Edison and a great yoga teacher, Juliana. The best recipe to be in good health! I wish you will go in France in my city, to discover the Alpes!! We're friends for life! Thanks for everything and I will go back in Hawaii the next summer with many french gifts for you!!! Take care. ”

~ Jonathan Riccio from Alpes, France

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